Baccarat online is the greatest choice for fun and for money

Many gamers that turn their attention on card table games usually prefer to start with baccarat for its simplicity and speed of the gameplay. The whole game takes just a few simple steps where the gamer needs to make his betting decision and relax watching how the game will develop. Such simplicity can be compared to one of slots where the gamer does not influence the game as well and everything is produced by the computer random generator. It generates the cards on both sides unless it is a live version. If the gamer chooses to play baccarat online with a live dealer, the real person will distribute the cards and still, the distribution will have a random result.

Where the game happens

The main gaming attributes are cards and the table on which they are located. The table is designed specially for baccarat rules:

baccarat online game
  • the bottom of the screen is marked with sections of all participants; if there are more than one participants, their marks are located near each other;
  • the section of the dealer is marked on the top of the screen;
  • each gamer’s place has a layout for all available bets where virtual chips should be put;
  • cards are placed in the middle of the screen.

The game reminds the statistics of each round and displays it in the corner beyond the table.

How the game develops

The game is based on the competition between the gamer and the casino dealer. If one wins, the other loses. All bets can be made also according to this principle – either on the gamer’s win, or the casino’s win, or the even result. Each bet also has some extra options that narrow it. The game follows such steps:

  1. all baccarat online participants place their wagers by locating their virtual chips bought for the real deposit on corresponding cells on the table;
  2. the dealer grants each participant with two cards and finishes the circle with himself; all cards are face-up from the beginning;
  3. the points are calculated: faces and 10s are taken as zero, aces as one, and other cards as their nominal;
  4. in case the gamer receives 10 points and more, the first digit is dropped and the count is transformed;
  5. in case the gamer receives 6-8 points, he remains with two cards;
  6. in case the gamer receives 5 points and less, his card combo is counted again with one additional card;
  7. the dealer also proceeds with such moves depending on what happens to the gamer; if the gamer has the same two cards, the dealer follows the rule of 6-8 and 5-and-less points; if the gamer received another card, the dealer makes the move depending on the number on the gamer’s third card and his own count;
  8. when all the steps are made, the final result nearer to 9 says what side became a winner.

All happens by incredibly simple rules that are easy to learn and remember. The game does not have any sophisticated betting system that usually seems a big mess. Everything is intuitive and clear. The game provides gamers with brilliant odds of the main two bets. The chances that one bet succeeds and the other loses are nearly 50/50.

What version of baccarat casino online to picks

In most variants, the core gameplay is the same and games possess minor unique features that differ them from each other:

  1. Punto Banco is the common baccarat; its variations include mini-baccarat, super 6/punto 2000, and EZ baccarat where each has some unique feature;
  2. Chemin De Fer – the banker/dealer position is assigned among participants and travels between them;
  3. Baccarat Banque – the banker/dealer position is assigned to one gamer until he leaves it;
  4. Macao – one card is distributed face-down.

All these versions are available in most casinos in Canada.

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